Assessment and Accountability

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    Dr. Richard W. McKenzie, Director

    Phone: 757-294-5229

    Fax: 757-294-5263

    Email: richard_mckenzie@surryschools.net

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    Working within the Framework for ALL to Succeed 

      The Director of Assessment and Accountability is responsible for providing leadership and assistance to the superintendent, assistant superintendent, building administrators, and teachers in the analysis and use of data, use of research-based instructional strategies, and development of meaningful assessments. 

    The Director of Assessment and Accountability

    • Works with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and administrative staff to enhance the instructional accountability system;
    • Develops, implements, and analyzes assessments to determine learning mastery;
    • Conducts training sessions related to assessment and testing;
    • Reviews data to determine trends;
    • Analyzes survey data and creates reports;
    • Uses software to disaggregate data and create reports;
    • Compiles and disseminates reports on student achievement;
    • Establishes a process for the ongoing evaluation of instructional programs;
    • Provides assistance in addressing the state Standards of Learning (SOL) and the federal mandate No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements;
    • Provides services to promote efficiency and accountability; and
    • Ensures equity in educational instruction for all students and assists in developing strategies for closing the achievement gap for student groups.