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  •  Benchmark Testing And Longitudinal Data Housing 

    Surry County Public Schools administer benchmark tests in mathematics, English, science and history from grade 1 to the high school. The majority of the tests are done online. The data from these tests are disaggregated and analyzed to drive instruction. Reports are developed and disseminated to teachers, administrators, and school board members.  For grades 1 to 8, benchmark tests are administrated at the end of the first three nine weeks as the Nine-Weeks or Semester Test, and/or a SOL Simulation Test within the fourth nine-weeks period. At the high school, the benchmark tests are the Mid-Term Tests, and Final Exam for grades 9 and 10 English. The SOL Simulation Tests are given to classes that will take the End-of-Course tests within their respective disciplines. All tests are cumulative and are administrated under a setting similar to that of an actual SOL test administration. For questions concerning benchmark testing and reports, contact

    Dr. Richard McKenzie - Ph: 757-294-5229 Ext. 233; email: richard_mckenzie@surryschools.net

    SCPS uses the ONTRAC testing software through the services of Interactive Achievement, Inc., and the LDS of IA supported by VDOE

    Standards of Learning (SOL) Testing

    Surry County Public Schools take the annual statewide SOL tests. The accreditation of the school division and its schools is based on the results of these tests. The school division's personnel for SOL testing are as follows:

    Primary contact - Dr. Richard McKenzie, Division Director of Testing (DDOT). The DDOT is the point of contact between the school division and Virginia Department of Education and Pearson. Ph: 757-294-5229; email: richard_mckenzie@surryschools.net; Fax:757-294-5263; Personal cell (804-426-9149) ; School cell (757-284-7600)

    Alternate DDOT2 for test administration - Mrs. Sharon Wooden. Ph: 757- 267-2211; email: sharon_wooden@surryschools.net

    School Testing Coordinator (STC) for Surry Elementary - Mrs. Tracey Gilchrist Williams. Ph: 757-267-2558; email: tracey_gilchrist@surryschools.net

    STC for Luther P. Jackson Middle School - Ms. Shonda Poole; Ph: 757-267-2810; email: shonda_poole@surryschools.net

    STCs for Surry County High School - Mrs. Sharon Wooden and Mary Johnson; Ph: 757-267-2211; email: sharon_wooden@surryschools.net; mary_johnson@surryschools.net

    Director of Special Education - Dr. Joyce Baker. Ph: 757-267-2558; email: joyce_baker@surryschools.net

      Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS)

    PALS, created at University of Virginia in 1997, is a "screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring tool for measuring the fundamental components of literacy" ( http://pals.virginia.edu ). Surry Elementary participates in the Fall and Spring administrations of PALS to students in Kindergarten through third grade. The school then uses the analysis of the PALS data to identify students' literacy strengths and weaknesses and then puts in place interventions to overcome the literacy weaknesses.

    Surry Elementary contact for PALS - Mrs. Ann Nelin, Principal. Ph: 757-267-2558; email: ann_nelin@surryschools.net  

    Study Island Resource 

    District Contact:  Dr. Richard W. McKenzie; Ph:757-294-5229 X 233 

    Surry Elementary:  Ms. Ann Nelin; Ph: 757-267-2558

    Luther P. Jackson Middle School:  Ms. Trina Craddox, Principal; Ph: 757-267-2810

    Surry County High School: Mr. Giron Wooden, Principal; Ph: 757-267-2211/2212


    Read Aloud Resource for Students with Disabilities and 504 Students - for writing, reading and testing in preparation for audio SOL testing. Testing for LEP students.

    Contact: Dr. Richard W. McKenzie