• Worker's Compensation

    Protection for Workers Injured on the Job:

    • Worker's Compensation provides protection for SPCS employees who are injured while carrying out assigned duties. 

    For Assistance:

    • 757-294-5229 - Lynne Jones is the administrator for SCPS worker's compensation program

    Important: Employee Notice

    New Work Place Injury Protocol

    Dear Employee:

    Please note that effective, May 1, 2013, we have adopted a service whose fundamental purpose is to provide employees with timely and appropriate medical attention while assisting in the streamlining and management of workplace injuries. 

    • If you experience a workplace injury, simply notify your supervisor immediately!
    • In the case of non-life, or limb, threatening injuries, a telephone call will be placed from a quiet location to the Company Nurse® Injury Hotline.
    • A nurse will gather information and make care recommendations.