• IDEA, Part B Section 611-Special Education

    IDEA, Part B Section 619-Special Education Preschool

    Dr. Joyce Baker
    Special Education Director
    1600 Hollybush Road
    Dendron, VA  23839
    Phone: 757-267-2270
    Fax: 757-267-2409
    Email:  joyce_baker@surryschools.net

    Title I, Part A-Homeless

    Keyochia Parker
    School Social Worker
    4255 New Design Road
    Dendron, VA  23839
    Fax: 757-267-0809
    Email: keyochia_parker@surryschools.net

    Title I, Part A-Improving Basic Programs

     Title II, Part A-Improving Teacher Quality

    Title II, Part D-Enhancing Education Through Technology

    Title IV, Part B-21st Century Community Learning Center

    Title IV, Part A-Safe and Drug Free

    Title V, Part A-Innovative Programs

    Charlome Pierce
    Director of Curriculum Implementation
    1600 Hollybush Road
    Dendron, VA  23839
    Phone:  757-267-2558
    Fax:  757-267-0107
    Email:  charlome_pierce@surryschools.net

    Title I Workforce Investment Act-CTE Federal Perkins

    Sharon Wooden
    Career and Technical Education Director
    1675 Hollybush Road
    Dendron, VA  23839
    Phone:  757-267-2211
    Fax:  757-267-2978
    Email:  sharon_wooden@surryschools.net