• Becoming A Highly Qualified Paraprofessional

    Highly Qualified Paraprofessionals

    Paraprofessionals have the following options to meet the designation of highly qualified:

    • Have an Associate's (or higher) Degree; OR
    • Meet a rigorous standard of quality and be able to demonstrate through a formal state or local academic assessment (ParaPro Assessment) knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing, reading, writing, and mathematics (or, as appropriate, reading readiness, writing, readiness, and mathematics readiness).

     Paraprofessionals are not required to take a specified course of study.

    The Board of Education has approved the Parapro Assessment as the formal state academic Paraprofessional assessment. The established qualifying score for the test approved by the board is 455. School boards also have the option of approving a local assessment.

    Link to Parapro Assessment: https://www.ets.org/parapro