• Registration Information

  • In order to enroll a child in Surry County Public School Division, state law requires a parent or guardian of a child to provide certain information to the child's school division.  The required information is provided below: 


    • An official certified copy of the child's birth record must be provided. (http://www.vdh.state.va.us/Vital_Records/)
    • The child's Social Security card. 
    • Proof of a physical examination required before the child can start school in September. A copy of the physical examination needs to be given to the school nurse.
    • Immunization record that shows evidence of immunizations as required by Virginia law.
  • Documents to Prove Residence

    Documentation of the street address or route number of the child's residence must be provided.  If no street address or route number exists for the child's residence, a post office box number must be provided.

    If a child has no regular, fixed residence but resides within the school division in a temporary shelter, institution, or place not ordinarily used as a residence, the school division may determine that a street address, route number, or post office box number, cannot be provided.  The school division may accept an alternative form of address that it considers appropriate.

  • Immunization Requirements

    Parents are responsible for providing documentation that all required immunizations are up-to-date, completed, or that a medical or religious exemption has been obtained.  Immunization requirements for a child to enroll or attend public school in Virginia are outlined in the Virginia Department of Health's School & Day Care Minimum Immunization Requirements. A child whose immunizations are incomplete may be admitted conditionally, provided the parent or guardian has documentation at the time of enrollment indicating that the child has received at least one dose of the required immunizations and has a written schedule for completing the remaing doses within 90 calendar days of the opening of school.

    School and Day Care Minimum Immunization Requirements can be found at the Virginia Department of Health website:  http://www.vdh.state.va.us/epidemiology/Immunization/requirements.htm