• Title IX

    The Surry County School Board is committed to nondiscrimination with regard to sex, gender, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law. This commitment will prevail in all of its policies and practices concerning staff, students, educational programs and services, and individuals and entities with whom the Board does business.

    Surry County Public Schools (SCPS) is committed to maintaining a safe/non-hostile learning environment for all students and employees which provides for fair and equitable treatment, including freedom from sexual harassment by school employees, other students, or individuals and entities with whom we do business in all educational programs, services and activities. Any student or employee who believes that he or she has been subjected to sexual or gender-based harassment should report the harassment to SCPS, specifically to the Title IX Coordinator(s):

    Dr. Serbrenia J. Sims, Coordinator Address:

               45 School Street

               Surry, Virginia 23883

    Telephone: (757) 294-5229

    Email: Serbrenia Sims@surryschools.net or

    Mr. Giron Wooden, Alternate Coordinator Address:

                 1675 Hollybush Road

                 Dendron, Virginia 23839

    Telephone: (757) 267-2211 (option 3 for SCHS)

    Email: Giron Wooden@surryschools.net


    Counseling and educational resources will be available to students who are harassed and students found to have engaged in acts of sexual or gender-based harassment. Students or employees found to have engaged in acts of harassment or other acts that create a hostile environment may be disciplined including, if circumstances warrant, suspension, expulsion or termination of employment. SCPS encourages all students, parents, and division employees to work together to prevent sexual and gender-based harassment.

    Anti-Harassment Statement