SURRY C.O.U.G.A.R.S. Robotics Team

FIRST Robotics Team #7330

  • The Surry Robotics team started in 2018 as a rookie team participating in its very first competition with FIRST in March.  The team received its very first award, The Rookie Inspiration Award.  Our team faced some challenges with last minute robot modifications needed to pass inspection to compete, but overcame it all and was able to participate in all of the qualifying matches.

    Robotics explores the possibilities of robotic engineering, manufacturing, and coding by competing in several local and national robotic events throughout the year.

    Team 7330 is very small at this time, and we are encouraging any SCPS students age 14 or older, demonstrating an interest, to participate and join the team.

    There will be a team meeting TBA to discuss the future plans of competing in the FRC Competition announced in January 2019. The competitions are local, regional and national.  There is a possibly of attending a local off-season match in early Fall of 2018 as well.

    Team 7330 is actively looking for sponsors and donations. There are many costs associated with the tools and parts needed to build and upgrade the robot for future competitions.


     7330 Team Coaches

    For more information please contact:

    Adrian Foster - Career and Technical Education Instructor

    Stephanie Johnson - SCPS Network Administrator



    FRC Robotics


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