The special education department of Surry Public Schools is committed to meeting the unique needs of children with disabilities by providing a continuum of services and programs from early childhood through high school for children ages 2 to 21.  

    The department is responsible for screening, evaluating, identifying, and determining eligibility for students who may require special education and related services under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (2004), in accordance with state and federal regulations governing those processes. The department also oversees the development and implementation of students' Individualized Education Programs, and determines appropriate placements for students who are eligible for services. Highly effective teaching and home support are the goals of professional development the department offers for staff, administrators and families.

    All parents of school-aged children and youth who receive special education services in Virginia’s schools are encouraged to complete the VDOE Parent Involvement Survey (PDF). This survey is not intended to measure satisfaction with the special education program. It is designed to determine whether or not the school facilitated parent involvement. English and Spanish language available.