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    The 21st Century Community Learning Center at Luther Porter Jackson Middle School operates a five day a week after school program. Four days focus on improving student academic achievement. The fifth day is focused on recreational and fitness programs. The students are provided homework assistance four days a week for about 1/2 hour a day. This is followed by tutoring. Tutoring mainly focuses on reading and math. Reading in the content activities are provided periodically in science and social studies by content area teachers. Students are able to work with each other and with the staff to prepare for tests and quizzes. 

    The day staff assigns project based learning activities periodically during the year. When this occurs, the after school staff provides instructional support to the students in the areas of research, writing and oral presentations. The media center and computer labs are made available to students. The activities are generally in the areas of science and social studies. Other projects relate to our school-wide reading program where students create movie posters or other visual representations of books they have read during the year.

    Family members are engaged in activities during the year. Twice a year the center collaborates with the Department of Youth and Family Resources partner to provide a family night. Parents and their families are provided family make it and take it activities that support increasing family engagement or increasing literacy. One session will be held in the fall and another will be held in the spring.

    The Department of Youth and Family Resources partnership also provides a series of sessions using the researched based program Guiding Good Choices. The four to five week sessions last from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The facilitators and parents discuss adolescent related issues such as the need for family meetings and academic support structure.

    The school division provides free GED instruction for all citizens of the county. This is promoted during parent activities. In order to assist parents with taking the test, a waiver is provided by the learning center to pay for the test registration if the parent meets the GED attendance criteria. Keyboarding instruction is available to assist family members with the computerized GED test.


    Students are provided physical fitness opportunities led by a certified physical fitness teacher. Each Friday, the center opens for fun activities. Students are engaged in computer games, board games, Interactive video games, Art, basketball and open gym.

    Two days a week for approximately ten weeks, students who have elevated Body Mass Indexes are provided wellness instruction by the Surry County Office of the Virginia Cooperative Extension Agency. Students are able to apply the skills they are learning by making healthy snacks. A pre and post survey will be given in order to quantify the impact of this program on the participants.

    We are striving for our students to be successful learnings in this everychanging society!