• Surry County Public Schools
    Blueprint for Instructional Excellence

    To support the achievement of students, the development of teachers and the success of all Surry County Public Schools, monitoring instruction is the key activity for improvement. Research supports the need for highly effective teachers to make the greatest difference in student learning. Instructional monitoring is the means to ensure that our instructional model is implemented, our curriculum is taught and our schools work toward excellence using professional learning communities.

    The following tools will be employed to assure student achievement:

    1. Surry County Instructional Model
    2. Pacing Guides to ensure curriculum alignment and delivery
    3. Teacher Lesson Plans
    4. Benchmark Assessments as formative measurements to drive instruction
    5. Instructional Audits to ensure best practices and curriculum alignment
    6. Professional Development support through mentoring and teacher training
    7. Collaborative Teams to improve instruction and student learning
    8. Celebration of Success

    Each of these components will be communicated by instructional leaders within the schools and supported by the division instructional leaders. Our goals are a unified effort to assist students to achieve, develop, and become successful citizens.

    To view the complete instructional model click on the link below:

    Surry County Public Schools Blueprint for Instructional Excellence